There is still much of a debate. Should Disney really be delving into the real horror side of Halloween? There are many that believe that the family friendly approach is just what Disney should do but let’s actually look at the fact because surprisingly, it’s only the US parks that haven’t caught on!

We are well and truly in Halloween season and one of the great things about it is that it is the est opportunity to be scared silly. Halloween in the UK has been growing more and more over the past 10 years and this year I have noticed more UK based scare attractions popping up. So, the question is: Why shouldn’t Disney cash in on part of that multi million dollar industry?

Actors at the 2012 Terrorific Night 2012

So, lets look at what Disney actually do around the Horror of Halloween. As I have already mentioned, it is only the US parks that don’t take part in the scarier side of Halloween. Possibly because both of the parks are located next to the spectacular Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios which is so well established it could prove difficult for Disney to stamp there mark on something so similar.

Asia has its entry with Hong Kong Disneyland. The park are almost veterans at Halloween scares as they have been doing it since park opening in 2005. The park is the only Disney park to offer a scarier experience during park hours. They offer several experiences

According to the Hong Kong Website you should:

Get ready to enroll at “Graves Academy,” a once prestigious learning academy where Master Graves is breeding the evil of the future.

Guests should not forget to take creepy photos with nocturnal mythical creatures, ghoulish souls and the Grim Reaper as you wander around “Adventureland – Cursed Jungle.”
Guests should beware of the imminent treachery they will be exposed to when they visit the traveling show set up in the heart of Adventureland and its renowned main exhibit at “Revenge of the Headless Horseman.”
Guests should join forces to support their team when the Vampires and Werewolves meet for the ultimate showdown at Main Street, U.S.A.—Clash of Evil. Be there to witness which team will be victorious and the supreme ruler of all dark forces. At Disney’s Haunted Halloween 2012, the Vampire Coven and the Were Tribe—two emerging forces of evil—are invading Hong Kong Disneyland and stirring up an intense clash to determine who will permeate every corner of the park.

Although Tokyo has a more family friendly offering, Hong Kong certainly seems to have their fair share and we haven’t even mentioned Ghost Galaxy!

In Disneyland Paris, guests can enjoy a hard ticket event more reminiscent of what you might find at Halloween Horror Nights. The event, designed for 12 and overs, certainly takes a look at the gorier and darker side of Halloween.

I can safely say it is scarier than any other Disney event I have been to. Too scary? No way!! Actors wander the parks and haunt attractions but rarely do they go for big scares. Every time I have been I’ve not been made to jump but I have seen others around me that have. I visited a scare attraction in the UK this past week and I found I was far more scared there than I have been at the past 2 Terrorific Nights. So, I suppose Disney are trying to find a level that is scarier than the family parties but not as intense as a full on scare attraction.

Whatever we think, scary Disney Halloween is here to stay and I don’t see why it shouldn’t. We always moan at Disney for not offering enough for adults. How many times have you gone in to the Disney store and been disappointed at the lack of adult, particularly men’s, clothing? Haven’t we moaned about the lack of pins and Vinylmation in the UK and when Disney does finally do something for the more adult Disney fan some complain that the company shouldn’t be doing it. Once again, the Terrorific parties are sold out. Does that not tell us something about the European audience Disney are marketing? I say, bring on the gore, bring on the scares, bring on the horror. Surely, there is no better company than Disney to use the resources they have to create the ultimate horror night! Take a look below at the trailer for the 2012 event and our video highlights of last year.

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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  1. I was at the Halloween party at magic kingdom a few weeks ago and thought it was fantastic….it was perfect for families, I’m not a fan of Halloween but was very impressed… adult horror events wouldn’t interest me at all, however I know people who love these type of events….it shouldn’t take place in main hours nor in the magic kingdom…but I think at Hollywood studios it could work but it felt like Disney had mnsshp, universal have theirs and even seaworld are running a spooky event every weekend, maybe 1 per company is enough….Disney can’t really win either way….

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