Snow White Fountain

Back in March 2014 a new tranquil pool and set of sculptures was unveiled, but why have most of us not heard anything about it? The Pool / pond is surrounded by Golden Sculptures of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with a quiet seating location to allow some reflection.Golden Oaks Snow White Pool

The pool is located in the New residential development by Disney, Golden Oaks. The initial announcement was made with much fanfare, but since then the price tags seemed to take the volume from it’s announcements. With property starting at $1.8 Million, there is a market there and to the right people it is a fun playground to invest in. Unfortunately the announcement of the properties was also mid “credit crunch” or “Double Dip Recession” or “Financial Crisis” time. If the timing was better I would have saved up my loose change!

Golden Oaks is divided into smaller areas, The clear ground by the blue circle is Marceline. The Blue Circle is the new pool.

Golden Oaks Location

As expected with Disney the quality here is amazing. Quality creations with a rich colour content. Snow White Fountain

Snow White is singing to the little Blue Bird, Sneezy has a butter fly on his nose, bashful is playing with a rabbit.Golden Doc

Doc, as always is leading the gang.Golden Sleepy

Sleepy of course is snoozing on the park bench.

GOlden Dopey

Dopey’s stance on the wall cuddling a tiny chipmunk is cute.

Within Golden Oaks there are some other golden statues too. One set is Bambi, Flower and Thumper, while another is Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.
I have been told that you are able to visit site, but have to leave ID with the security house. When the development is finished, I’m sure it will become a site to see, while your having a non park day.
Right, let’s shake out the piggy banks!

One thought on “The Snow White pool most of us won’t see!”
  1. We’ve been fortunate to see inside Golden Oak a couple of times (and get a sneak preview of the new Four Seasons Hotel) and the quality of everything is truly startling, even by Disney standards, as Alan’s article shows. The good news about the Four Seasons is that its restaurants WILL be open to non-resort guests so, if you make a booking, you will get a great look inside the Golden Oak development, too. 🙂

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