With Wreck-it Ralph opening in UK cinemas this weekend and the recent Oscar nominations. Disney has a lot to be pleased about. Not only is Wreck-It Ralph and Brave up for an Oscar in best Animated Feature, but the short that precedes the latest movie is also nominated in the Best Animated Short category.

If you plan to see Wreck-it Ralph soon, hold off from watching the short until you see it on the big screen. If you aren’t you can take a peek at it here. According to the movies blurb:

Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, “Paperman.” Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him. Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Paperman” pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction.

Take a look


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Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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