Ok, I know what you are thinking. How on Earth do Zombies and Disney fit together. Well, I must admit it isn’t often that Disney use Zombies in their movies. In fact, this is probably the only one I can think of.




So, that begs the question: Why are we talking Zombies at Disneybrit?

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The answer? Because this is the COOLEST Thing since the announcement of the Disney Magic and the Disney Theme Park All Nighters as Zombies are beginning to take over the UK with a brand new Zombie chase game: Zombie Earth. I must make it clear now, Zombie Earth is in no way linked with Disney and is happening in my home town and yes, I am taking part so I promised I’d let you all know about it.

Zombie Earth is the most realistic city-wide zombie chase game in the UK. Zombie Earth is a exciting new game created by Requiem: Live for 2013. This new concept tests a live infection scenario with a deadly and realistic approach. Zombie Earth is aimed at anyone (18+) who can handle the fear and excitement of an adrenaline fueled 2-3 hour experience.

Essentially, this is a house of horrors on a grand scale, where treasure hunting and urban orienteering are combined with running for your life!

Our game designers are passionate about delivering thrilling, challenging and realistic scenarios that we would not otherwise be able to enjoy. With a combined experience of over a decade in the event industry and a passion for all things Zombie, our designers have created the most realistic, ‘contained’, Zombie apocalypse to hit the UK.

Sounds cool right? Well, the next events take place on the 3rd and 4th May in Leicester but tickets are selling fast. With of my love of all things horror (and that included Terrorific Night!) I couldn’t resist but give it a go. If you fancy one of the scariest nights out in the UK (Yes, it has made grown men cry) then you can head over to http://www.zombieearth.co.uk/events/ and pick up your tickets for next weekend.

Not keen on trying to outrun the Zombies then there is always the chance to be the one doing the scaring. Organisers are still looking for Zombie Volunteers, Marshalls, Actors and Actresses to help out.

For you to volunteer as one of our Zombies, Actors, Stewards or Marshals, they need you to attend one of our Zombie Earth Training days. We’ll be holding our next training sessions on Saturday 27th April or Sunday 28th April, for you to then be able to participate in our May events. These training sessions will be held at Firebug (1 Millstone Lane, Leicester LE1 5JN), between 2pm and 4pm on either day. You only need to attend one session.

If you’re unavailable for this weekend, there’ll be a further session on Thursday May 2nd (7pm – 8.30pm, venue to be confirmed).

Zombie Training will be very informal, fun, a chance to meet everyone involved and have a drink. It’s important  to create and have a really great community for the  Zombie Earth staff. On the day, they will be giving you more info about the game, about each specific role, and what you’ll need on the night of our events. For Zombie Training please make sure you bring a valid Proof of I.D (All volunteers must be over 18).

If you haven’t already liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter, please find us at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombie-Earth-UK/571680949527637  or https://twitter.com/ZombieEarthUK

And remember if you help out as a volunteer, they will make sure you get food and a drink, a discount off a future games (for when you’re not volunteering) and free access and reduced drink prices at the Zombie Apocalypse party following the game!

The next step is to email info@zombieearth.co.uk with your full name, contact number, city you live in, and confirmation of your availability for training.

If for any reason, you cannot make it to either Zombie Training sessions, then please let them know and they will try to arrange to meet you on a different date.

If you need any more information, please call them on 07811  451839 or email them at info@zombieearth.co.uk

By Adam

Adam has been a fan of Disney since he was small. He runs the Disneybrit Podcast. He is also the author of several Disney books.

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